“Sometimes it is only through someone else’s extraordinary talent, that you can truly see your own.”               -Laura Leaver, London based Chef

My name is Rachel. I love to capture the magic in the everyday experience. I love to be present in the flow of another.

My passion is discovering the depth in people, and reflecting it back to them in a soulful photograph of their life. I find strength, power and love in the people that I meet. I love to surround myself with people who are doing what they love… starting a business they’ve always dreamed of, having the baby they’ve always hoped for, reaching out for their dreams. My joy is to illuminate this energy in my photographs and shine it out to the world. It’s the depth of life. The moments we see each other as we are, at the core of our soul. My photos are candid, heartfelt, and capture beautiful simplicity.

Based in Seattle, WA, I specialize in natural light photography- portraits, photojournalism, and my newest favorite, food! I would love to create an inspired collection of photographs to catapult your budding business, or capture a special moment in time for you!

Located in Seattle, WA. 
To book an appointment, contact me at rachel@rachelcaprio.com or 512-680-5744.

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